Civil Infrastructure

Design and Construction of Civil works for different sectors in Pakistan


Civil infrastructure is a major source of country development in terms of Revenue, job creations for skilled people and Engage of different private and governments sectors collectively which also enhances the good relations between different sectors of the country. FABCON is providing its services in the field of civil works which mainly includes construction of roads, bridges, multi-story buildings, children schools, Offices mess, Storage Depot. Etc.



Grey structure is completed within the required times as per directions of the design team and under the supervision of experienced civil team. FABCON has all the equipment for construction of Grey structure such as different types of scaffolding, concrete mixing machines, concrete filling machines and concrete transfer lifts for roofs and foundation fillings


FABCON provides variety of internal finished such as tile work, vinyl finishing’s, wooden floorings, imported marble, Chalk type pseudo ceiling, Water resistance paints and distempers, use of acoustic wedge panels for sound proofing and high eminence insulation material for energy conversation. 


FABCON has built doors for internal rooms as per requirements such as timber doors for main rooms, lounges, halls and waterproof upvc doors for restrooms as they are widely used and highly efficient for water resistant.


FABCON has installed imported lifts in various of its multi-story building fully loaded with sensors that operate effectively.


Expectations are high for schools and while that largely depends on the teachers, administrators, students, and families who make up a school community, the structure itself can also make a significant impact. It takes experience, commitment, passion, and the teamwork we learned back when we were in the classroom to get everyone on the same page. 

At FABCON’s that is as much as part of our heritage as hammers and hard hats. FABCON has built everything at school related to education which includes classrooms, labs, athletic complex, swimming pools. The floor and wall covering materials used throughout the building were selected not only for their sense of visual appeal but for their durability. Another key goal was to utilize as many sustainable or “green” materials as possible while still maintaining an acceptable budget. 


FABCON has designed and build officers mess area for defense sector that not only are environmentally friendly but a peaceful place for mankind also. These areas are specially designed for acoustics and sound is control by using acoustic wedge panels and sound curtains that are highly efficient to resist the external sound